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Verkhovna Rada dismissed Solskyi

On Thursday, May 9, the parliament supported the dismissal of Mykola Solskyi, who is suspected of dealing with state land, from the position of Minister of Agrarian Policy.

People's Deputy Yaroslav Zhelezniak reported this, Censor.NET reports.

"Parliament dismissed Mykola Solskyi from the position of Minister of Agrarian Policy. 273 in favor," the message reads.

No other details about the appointment were given.

Minister Solskyi is accused of what?

As reported, on April 23 NABU informed the current Minister of Agrarian Policy Mykola Solskyi of suspicion of organizing a scheme to acquire state lands with an area of about 2.5 thousand hectares worth UAH 291 million under the pretext of allocating plots to ATO veterans.

According to the investigation, in 2017-2021, Solsky, as the owner of several agricultural companies, in collusion with the head of the State Geocadastre of Ukraine and the curators of the State Geocadastre authorities, decided to take over land that was used by two state-owned enterprises in the Sumy region.

The perpetrators first destroyed the documents based on which the state-owned enterprises had the right to permanent use of the land. This became the basis for the regional State Geocadastre to draw up an act on the arbitrary occupation of these plots by state enterprises.

Subsequently, these lands were transferred to private ownership with the help of controlled officials of the regional State Geocadastre. The lands were transferred to predetermined citizens under the guise of exercising their right to free land, and the condition for obtaining the land was the signing of an agreement on its lease to an agricultural holding even before the moment of receipt.

Solskyi does not admit his guilt, assuring that the events refer to the period of 2017-2018, when he was a lawyer and had not yet been elected as a deputy from "Servant of the People".

According to him, the seven-year-old circumstances relate to a dispute between state-owned enterprises and individuals, in particular ATO soldiers, over land that was given to the latter for possession.



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