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SBU officers sentenced to 8 years in prison for demanding a bribe

VAKS sentenced SBU officers to 8 years in prison for demanding a bribe in the amount of $50,000. Information about this came from the SAP, a specialized anti-corruption prosecutor's office. Informs Freedom Matrix.

According to the data, the defendants received part of the bribe from representatives of private companies for not obstructing their business activities and influencing decisions in criminal cases considered by an investigator from one of the departments of the National Police in Kiev.

Their punishment includes 8 years in prison, as well as a ban on holding positions in law enforcement agencies for 3 years and the confiscation of half of the property that belongs to them by right of ownership.

The verdict can be appealed to the appellate instance within 30 days after its announcement, by filing an appeal with the VAKS Appeals Chamber.



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