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Russia tries to obfuscate data on its own crimes - intelligence

According to British intelligence, Russia is trying to confuse information about the abduction of children from Ukraine. Informs Freedom Matrix. On June 20, 2023, the State Duma voted to create a parliamentary committee that will investigate "Ukraine's crimes against the children of Donbass" from 2014. With this move, Russia is trying to obfuscate data about its own crimes, such as the kidnapping of children from Ukraine. The UK Department of Defense reports this on its official Twitter account, citing intelligence data. According to intelligence, the creation of a parliamentary committee in the Russian State Duma is intended to respond to international condemnation by Russia of the deportation of children from occupied Ukraine since the start of its full-scale invasion. The agency also suggests that the move could serve as a form of "protection of the law" while supporting Russia's information operations. Thus, the Russian Federation uses its legislation as a weapon to create intricate scenarios around its own egregious actions.

"The message on children's rights is likely to be an important communication topic for the Kremlin, since the deportation of children became the basis for an arrest warrant for President Putin issued by the International Criminal Court in March 2023," the intelligence agency concludes in its report.


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