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Putin signed the law on electronic subpoenas and blocked the way for deviators

Taking into account the sad experience of the large-scale mobilization carried out earlier, when thousands of Russians fled the country, the Russian authorities decided to block all exits, count the remaining conscripts, and put military registration on "modern rails." Informs Freedom Matrix.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on a unified register of conscripts, which provides for the introduction of electronic subpoenas. This was reported on Friday, April 14, by the Russian media.

The document equates electronic summonses with paper ones, introduces a register of those liable for military service and closes borders for draft dodgers.

"According to the new law, summonses can be sent to Russian citizens in writing against receipt, by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, and also in electronic form," the media reported.

It is noted that the summons in electronic format will be considered received immediately after it is posted in the personal account.

After the summons is considered handed over, the person liable for military service is prohibited from leaving the country until he appears at the military registration and enlistment office.

The unified electronic register being introduced provides for the creation of a digital register of military registration, which will be maintained by military commissariats. It will store the personal data of the person liable for military service, in particular the place of residence and place of stay, place of work, information about the state of health and other data.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Federal Tax Service, courts, medical organizations, educational institutions and other departments and organizations will be required to transfer information to the register.



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