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Only four countries sent money to fund ammunition for Ukraine - Czech Defense Ministry

Czech Defense Minister Jana Černochová has called on European allies to contribute financially to the Czech initiative for ammunition for Ukraine, as only four countries have fulfilled their financial commitments so far, citing Euractiv. Informs RBC-Ukraine.

The initiative has secured financial commitments from 18 countries, predominantly EU and NATO members. Czechia positions itself as an intermediary, coordinating donor commitment memorandums and procurement agreements, and then overseeing the logistical aspects of deliveries.

Although the number of countries pledging financial support is increasing, only a few have actually sent funds.

"Funds flow to us gradually; we cannot buy ammunition on debt. If some countries have signed a memorandum but have not yet sent funds, we cannot proceed with acquisitions. It is a bit of an appeal to those governments which have already signed memorandums to send the money," Černochová said, emphasizing the logistical and financial challenges.

She also mentioned that so far, only Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Portugal have sent money for the purchase of ammunition.

Czech initiative

Czech President Petr Pavel took the initiative after the European Union failed to fulfill its promise to deliver one million shells to Ukraine within a year. He proposed purchasing ammunition from third countries, and his call was met with support from Ukraine's allies.

Countries began allocating funds for the purchase of shells, which are to become vital aid for Ukrainian defenders.

Initially, Kyiv expected the ammunition deliveries by April, but for unknown reasons, they have been delayed.

However, there is hope: according to Czech Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský, the initiative could deliver up to 1.5 million shells to Ukraine.



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