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NATO intends to provide €40 billion in security assistance to Ukraine over the next year

The NATO summit in Washington announced a decision on long-term support for Ukraine in the face of russian aggression. This is reported on the official NATO website, UNN reports.


At the NATO summit, Allied leaders reaffirmed their strong commitment to a sovereign and independent Ukraine, pledging large-scale long-term security assistance.

Today we reaffirm our unwavering commitment to Ukraine as a sovereign, democratic, independent state. For this, Ukraine needs our long-term support

- said the NATO Secretary General.

Under the new commitment, Allies intend to provide a minimum core funding of €40 billion over the next year and ensure a sustainable level of security assistance to Ukraine. This decision aims to strengthen Ukraine's defense capabilities and ensure its ability to effectively counter any threats.

In addition, it was noted that member states have obligations to provide Ukraine with military equipment, material assistance, maintenance and logistics costs of military equipment, military training costs, operational costs of military support, investments in defense infrastructure and the defense industry of Ukraine, as well as contributions to NATO trust funds, including non-lethal assistance.

This support will be provided through various mechanisms, including NATO, bilateral and multilateral agreements. Allies have pledged to make proportional contributions based on their share of GDP and to report twice a year to NATO.



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