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Germany must be ready to do more when others weaken – Scholz on supporting Ukraine

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has stated that his country should be prepared to expand its support for Ukraine amid declining support from others.

Source: Scholz during the conference of his German Social Democratic Party (SPD), as reported by European Pravda, citing n-tv

Details: Olaf Scholz stressed the importance of persistence in Germany's support for Ukraine. "This war is probably not going to end anytime soon," he said.

Therefore, it is essential "that we can do what is necessary for a long time", namely "to continue to support Ukraine in its defence struggle".

With its attack on Ukraine in 2022, Russia has put an end to the common understanding of peace and security in Europe, the SPD politician said. There must be clarity that "borders in Europe will no longer be moved by force".

Germany must be prepared to do even more "when others weaken", the chancellor said, apparently referring to the uncertain political situation in the US ahead of next year's presidential election.

Therefore, decisions have to be made on the German end "so that we are in a position to do that," he said.

Scholz also spoke clearly in favour of further military support for Ukraine. "President Putin cannot expect us to back down," he stressed.

Scholz also mentioned the economic consequences of Russian imperialism for Germany and, even more so, for some other countries. "We understand that there have been consequences that affect us as well," the chancellor said, referring to high energy carrier prices. The official stressed that the government had nevertheless managed to ensure a good energy supply, although it was, of course, a "great financial challenge".



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