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German Bundeswehr has trained over 8,000 Ukraine soldiers since beginning of war

Over 8,000 Ukrainian soldiers have been trained in Germany since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine.

Source: Major General Christian Freuding, head of the Special Staff for Ukraine at the German Ministry of Defence, in an interview with the newspapers Stuttgarter Zeitung and Stuttgarter Nachrichten, as reported by European Pravda.

Quote: "The Bundeswehr, along with our partners, has already trained more than 8,000 Ukrainian troops in Germany," Freuding said.

In July, the Bundeswehr estimated the number of Ukrainian soldiers trained by them to be 5,000.

Freuding said there have been positive reviews of the training: "The feedback we get is always very appreciative."

This also applies to weapons that are supplied to Ukraine. "If you ask Ukrainian soldiers what they would like to see more of, German weapons systems are mentioned first," he explained.

Earlier, Germany reported on a new batch of military aid delivered to Ukraine, which includes a variety of equipment – from armoured vehicles to safety goggles.

The previous package included IRIS-T air defence equipment, ammunition and armoured personnel carriers.

Earlier, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz reported that Germany was already preparing a winter military aid package, a key element of which would be air defence equipment.



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