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FSS about shooting in "Crocus City Hall": terrorists wanted to escape to Ukraine, "had relevant contacts on Ukrainian side"

After committing a terrorist attack in the "Crocus City Hall" in the suburbs of Moscow, the criminals tried to escape, allegedly moving in a car in the direction of the Russian-Ukrainian border. This was announced by the FSS of the Russian Federation, Censor.NET informs with reference to RIA-Novosti.

"As a result of coordinated actions of special and law enforcement agencies, all four terrorists were detained in the Bryansk region with a difference of several hours.Now they are moving to Moscow. Work is underway to establish all the circumstances of the terrorist attack. It has already been established that the terrorist attack was carefully planned. The weapons used by the terrorists were prepared in advance in the hideout," the report said.

Also, the FSS of the Russian Federation assures that after the terrorist attack, the criminals intended to cross the Russian-Ukrainian border, "they had relevant contacts on the Ukrainian side."

As reported, on the evening of March 22, there was a shooting at "Crocus City Hall" in the suburbs of Moscow. Later, a fire broke out in the building. On the morning of March 23, the head of the FSS reported to Putin about the detention of 11 people, including "all 4 terrorists." According to the latest data, 115 people died as a result of the shooting at "Crocus City Hall" in the suburbs of Moscow.



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