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Fatalities and damage in Kyiv as Ukraine hit by severe weather

A tree fell on a car in Kyiv (Photo:Київ Інфо/Telegram)

Three people died and several were injured in Kyiv on Oct. 28 as a high winds and rain slammed into the Ukrainian capital, damaging property and downing trees. Informs NV.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko confirmed that two of the people who lost their lives were 65 and 35 years old. He also noted that seven residents of Kyiv suffered injuries and fractures, with five of them being transported to local hospitals, while two received immediate on-site assistance.

Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko confirmed there had been an additional fatality in the city’s Podilskyi District.

In the city’s northern Obolonskyi District, a powerful gust of wind tore apart a section of a metal structure at a public transport stop, causing injuries to a woman.

The storm also uprooted or damaged more than 250 trees in the capital. As the storm passed later in the morning on Oct. 28, 34 units of equipment and 208 personnel from the Emergency Dispatch Service of the Kyivzelenbud Municipal Enterprise, in addition to emergency teams of municipal workers across different districts, were mobilized.

The Kyiv Municipal Administration reported the following property damage due to the rain and strong winds:

  • One residential building

  • Three kiosks

  • Four vehicles

Meanwhile, Ukraine issued a storm warning, and the Interior Ministry additionally recommended the following precautions during severe weather:

  • Securely close windows and remove items from balconies and verandas that could be blown away.

  • Stay away from billboards, power lines, and trees when outdoors.

  • Seek shelter in the nearest building or natural cover during strong winds.

  • Avoid proximity to large trees, especially poplars, and refrain from parking vehicles near them.

Earlier, in Lviv, Rivne, and Ternopil oblasts, several populated areas experienced power outages due to heavy rain and strong winds.



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