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Failure to support Ukraine will never be forgotten – Biden

U.S. President Joe Biden has reacted to the fact that the House of Representatives had taken a break until the end of February without voting for a bill on financial assistance to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. Biden posted the corresponding message on the X social network. Informs Ukranian News.

"Failure to support Ukraine at this critical moment will never be forgotten," he wrote.

As the Ukrainian News agency earlier reported, the U.S. House of Representatives went on vacation until the end of February without voting on the bill with the aid package for Ukraine approved by the Senate. All votes in the House of Representatives for Friday have been canceled. Members of the chamber will not return to work until February 28, delaying the long-awaited vote on the decision on funds to continue support for Ukraine by at least two weeks.

On February 14, NBC News reported that Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson wants a personal meeting with President Joe Biden before proceeding with providing an additional package of aid to Ukraine and Israel.

On February 12, the U.S. Senate voted to end the debate on the text of the draft law, which provides for the allocation of aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.

The administration of the U.S. President warned of "catastrophic consequences" if Congress does not approve aid to Ukraine.



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