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British Foreign Secretary Cameron arrives in Israel

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron is in Israel. He visited the site of the massacres committed by Hamas. Cameron emphasized the importance of a ceasefire to provide aid and release hostages. The newly appointed British Foreign Secretary David Cameron has arrived on a visit to Israel. The visit takes place against the backdrop of a temporary truce between Israel and Hamas. This was reported by the Telegraph, according to UNN.


David Cameron has already visited the Be'eri Kibbutz near the Gaza border, where hundreds of people were killed and kidnapped by Hamas militants.

He is also expected to meet with Israeli and Palestinian officials during the visit.

The foreign minister's visit to Israel is part of a broader trip to the Middle East and comes amid a temporary truce between Israel and Hamas.


The previous evening, Cameron chaired a meeting of Arab and Islamic leaders in London, calling the temporary truce agreement "an important opportunity to release hostages and send more aid to Gaza to help the Palestinian people." However, it appears that the agreement is being delayed, with Israeli officials saying it will not enter into force until Friday at the earliest.



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