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Attack of Iskanders and drones on a military airfield in the Poltava region

Dmitry Lunin, the head of the Poltava Region OVA, reports on Telegram that on the night of June 10, the enemy tried to strike at a military airfield. The Russians used Iskander missiles and drones. There is some damage, the OVA reported. Informs Freedom Matrix.

"During a night attack in the area of the Mirgorod military airfield, the enemy used Iskander-type ballistic and cruise missiles, as well as Iranian-made attack drones," he wrote.

Lunin noted that there is some damage to the infrastructure of the airfield and equipment. Previously without casualties. The fire was partially localized by the fire brigades of the brigade and the State Emergency Service. Measures are also being taken to eliminate the consequences of shelling and transport equipment to safe locations.

"As a result of the work of air defense, eight private buildings and four private cars were damaged after the fall of debris.. There are no dead or injured," Lunin wrote.


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