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An unknown hacker hacked the wallets of the Russian special services and sent money ...

An unknown hacker hacked the wallets of the Russian special services and sent money to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.The hacker used Bitcoin blockchain tools as a weapon against Russian intelligence agencies, exposing hundreds of wallets allegedly belonging to individuals associated with them, writes CoinDesk. Informs Freedom Matrix.

According to cryptanalytics firm Chainalysis, a hacker used the transaction documentation feature of the Bitcoin blockchain to identify 986 wallets of the Russian intelligence services.. The hacker himself left messages about this during transactions. It is not yet clear how true the statements of this hacker are, but experts say that this unknown person took control of at least several wallets that belong to Russia. Chainalysis experts have confirmed that two crypto wallets were used in a massive attack on Solarwinds, and a third paid for servers used in a disinformation campaign in 2016. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, an unknown hacker stopped signing transactions, but now he simply transfers bitcoins associated with the Russian special services to the wallets of funds supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Cyber experts still have not figured out how the hacker managed to gain access to the wallets of the Russian special services. Perhaps he somehow, using social engineering techniques, got the private keys from the wallets. In any case, as Chainalysis experts say, now in the Russian GRU, SVR and FSB, confidence in the security of their own crypto-finances should significantly decrease.



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