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A wide front and equipment:Barabash explains how the third assault on Avdiivka differs from previous

The enemy launched the third wave of attacks on Avdiivka, expanding the offensive from different directions, including Donetsk, using infantry, vehicles, artillery and aircraft. Despite the fighting, daily evacuations continue in the city. Informs UNN.

The third wave of the of the offensive on Avdiivka launched by the enemy is characterized by the fact that the enemy has expanded the direction of attacks and is trying to capture the city from Donetsk. This was stated by the head of Avdiivka Avdiivka city military administration head Vitaliy Barabash said during the telethon. Barabash, a UNN correspondent reports.

Quote The assault did not ceased, but a third wave of massive offensive followed. This wave is different from the previous ones: if earlier they came in columns from certain directions, now they are they are trying to break through from different directions. They are coming from all directions - the flanks, the south and the north, just as they did before. They are also trying to break through the gap. They are trying to conduct assault operations from the direction of Donetsk, from Spartak. - Vitaliy Barabash said.


He noted that the enemy is using a large number of infantry. And in the direction of the industrial part of the city, where where there is an asphalt surface, enemy vehicles moved towards the industrial part of the city. Vitaliy Barabash also also noted that the enemy is actively using aviation, which launches cruise missiles and cluster munitions. Artillery has also intensified, the number of shelling of the positions of of Ukrainian defenders is estimated at hundreds per day, and the number of air strikes - in the dozens.

There are also recorded attacks on the city - from 30 to 40 massive attacks per day. In particular, the enemy uses KAB-500 for strikes on the city, with 8 to 20 air strikes per day in Avdiivka. strikes.


Vitaliy Barabash noted that there are still people in the shelters of the Coke Plant who do not agree to the evacuation. Recently, two more people were persuaded and taken out, and 13 people remain at the plant.

In other parts of the the evacuation continues, with 10-15 people leaving every day and 102 people 102 people have been evacuated in the past week. As of the morning of November 24, 1350 people remained in Avdiivka. 1350 people remained in Avdiivka.



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