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US Secretary of State says NATO has no doubts whether it should continue to support Ukraine


Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State, has said that among the members of the North Atlantic Alliance, determination remains to continue supporting Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression.

Source: Blinken at a joint briefing with Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General, quoted by European Pravda

Details: The State Secretary noted that the Allies discussed long-term support for Ukraine at the 29 November meeting.

Blinken recalled that Russia uses drones designed by Iran for airstrikes against Ukraine, and North Korea has also begun to provide Russia with military support.

He added that the allies are now not only providing assistance to Ukraine so that it can continue to defend itself, but also in the future to build up its military capabilities in order to be able to deter a possible new aggression and defend itself against it.

Quote: "I have to tell you: when I listened to all our colleagues at the table, everyone spoke in favour of strong and long-term support for Ukraine. Some asked the question whether the United States and other NATO allies should continue to support Ukraine... The answer NATO has today is very clear and unwavering: we have and we will support Ukraine. Ensuring that Russia's war of aggression becomes its strategic defeat is as important now as it was when the Kremlin launched this war...

The bids are clear to all of us... We must send a clear signal that no country in the world can change borders by force. This is in the interests of each of the allies and in the interests of many countries that are not members of the Alliance...

The supplemental budget request submitted by the president is a testament to our own commitment to this goal, and we expect Congress to approve it in the coming weeks."

Details: In response to questions, the Secretary of State reiterated that in the discussions, he heard from the allies their willingness to continue to ensure that Ukraine has everything necessary to defend itself, to bring back the occupied territories, and to become stronger militarily and economically, as a democratic state.

"I didn't hear about fatigue or any steps back; on the contrary - a determination to continue... I think all allies recognise that here the question is not only what is right but also what is in our own interests, including these of the United States," Blinken added, noting that Russia's impunity and success will certainly encourage new aggressors, and this can happen in any part of the world.


  • Josep Borrell, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, said earlier that he saw no sign of "war fatigue" among European countries and is confident that assistance to Ukraine will continue.

  • Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General, also expressed confidence that the Allies will continue to provide Ukraine with significant amounts of military aid.



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