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US Democrats demand that President Biden transfer F-16 to Ukraine as soon as possible

The tragic results of the latest missile strikes on the cities of Ukraine have further pushed Western partners to take radical steps in the issue of arming the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to The Hill, US Democrats are pressuring President Joe Biden to give Ukraine F-16 fighter jets and long-range missiles. Inorms Freedom Matrix.

The Biden administration opposes this, arguing that the United States does not have extra ATACMS systems, and aircraft are not a priority for the UAF.

However, a group of legislators emphasize that there was a similar situation with the M1 Abrams tanks - the White House at first refused to provide them, but then changed its mind.

Congressmen note that the next logical step should be to provide Ukraine with F-16 fighters and long-range missiles, which can become key elements of the defense and counteroffensive of Ukrainian troops.

The publication focuses on the fact that some US military leaders advocate the transfer of aircraft to Kyiv.

It should be noted that Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov invited foreign pilots with experience in flying F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine.

It was also reported that the legendary American F-16 pilot volunteered to defend Ukraine.. He noted that there will be many pilots who want to fight in Ukraine if this issue is resolved at the government level.



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