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Up to 8,000 Wagner mercenaries may be deployed in Belarus

Зображення ілюстративне Фото: Генштаб ЗСУ

Up to 8,000 fighters from the Wagner Private Military Company could be deployed in Belarus. This was reported to Ukrainska Pravda by the spokesperson of the State Border Guard Service, Andriy Demchenko. Informs Mind.

The representative of the Border Guard Service stressed that at the moment, there were no observed russian offensive groups in Belarus, so the border situation remains fully under control.

The border guard explained that considering the new potential risks associated with Lukashenko's willingness to host mercenaries from private military companies, Ukraine was strengthening its defences in the northern direction.

"We note that the units of the Border Guard Service fully understand the threats that may come from the direction of Belarus, and together with other components of Ukraine's defence forces, are always ready to respond to possible provocations from the enemy and decisive actions in response," Demchenko emphasized.



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