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Ukrainian forces make strategic advances in Kherson Oblast, ISW reports

Armed Forces of Ukraine (

Ukrainian forces are carrying out more extensive than usual ground operations on the left bank of Kherson Oblast and have advanced to the village of Krynky, U.S-based think tank the Institute for the Study of War or ISW has said in its latest report on the situation in Ukraine. Informs NV.

Geolocation images published on Oct. 19 confirm the Ukrainian forces’ move towards the village, which is located approximately two kilometers inland from the Dnipro River.

Russian “war correspondents” have reported that Ukrainian forces were fortifying their positions near Krynky and maintaining a presence around the Antonivskiy Bridge area. They suggested that Ukrainian troops temporarily advanced into the village but were pushed back to the northern outskirts by Russian forces using airstrikes.

Clashes were also reported near the village of Pishchanivka, located 14 kilometers east of Kherson and four kilometers inland from the Dnipro. There, a “Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group” is believed to be operating on the southern outskirts of the village, according to one source.

ISW has yet to find visual confirmation that Ukrainian Armed Forces maintain positions in other settlements on the left bank of the region besides Krynky. Both Russian and Ukrainian sources indicate that the Russian units in Kherson Oblast are less combat-ready compared to other fronts.

The Ukrainian General Staff reported Russian airstrikes in the Pishchanivka area, indicating Ukrainian forces’ continued presence, but the situation remains unclear.

Russian forces on the left bank of Kherson Oblast consist mainly of units from the 49th Combined Arms Army and elements from the newly created 18th Combined Arms Army. A significant portion of the 49th Combined Arms Army was deployed in the area after Russian occupiers fled the right bank, resulting in significant losses, ISW said.

The UK Ministry of Defense Intelligence has reported that the Russian military is likely forming the new 18th Combined Arms Army in Kherson Oblast by repurposing units from the region. However, it’s uncertain whether these units have the necessary personnel, equipment, and training for the task.

Analysts liken the deployment of the 18th Combined Arms Army in Kherson Oblast to the hasty creation of the 25th Combined Arms Army in Kupyansk and Lyman sectors, facing similar challenges, ISW said.

Russian “war correspondents” have reported units from the 26th Motorized Rifle Regiment defending against the Ukrainian advance near Krynky, and units from the 1st Battalion of the 177th Marine Infantry Regiment operating near the Antonivskiy Bridge, both of which have experienced significant losses.



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