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Ukrainian air defense shoots down 71 of 75 Iranian Shahed drones launched by the enemy

The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that on November 25, 2023, it destroyed 71 of 75 enemy-launched Shahed UAVs, which were mainly targeting Kyiv. Air defense systems were operating in at least six regions. On the night of November 25 November 25, 2023, the enemy launched a record number of strike of Shahed UAVs. This is reported by the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, UNN reports.

In total about 75 "Shaheds" were launched from two directions - Primorsko-Akhtarsk of the Russian Federation and the Kursk region of the Russian Federation. The main direction of the strike was the city of Kyiv.

The air defense defense was operating in at least six regions of Ukraine: Kyiv Sumy, Dnipropetrovs'k, Zaporizhzhia, Mykolaiv, and Kirovohrad regions. air attack involved anti-aircraft missile troops, tactical aviation, mobile fire groups, and electronic warfare units.

As a result of the of the anti-aircraft battle that night, the forces and means of the Air Force, in cooperation with the air defense of the Ukrainian Defense Forces, 71 Shahed-131/136 attack UAVs were destroyed. The vast majority of them were in Kyiv region!

Also in An X-59 guided missile was destroyed in Dnipropetrovs'k region.



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