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Ukraine's success in Black Sea is tremendous and great victory – NATO Secretary General

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has commented on Ukraine's recent successes in the Black Sea after the sinking of the Russian warship Tsezar Kunikov. Stoltenberg pointed out before a meeting of NATO defence ministers in Brussels that last year, Ukraine made the Black Sea dangerous for Russian ships. "Ukraine managed to cause significant damage to the Russian fleet. In fact, they were able to push the fleet away from the western part of the Black Sea – and this is a great achievement and a great victory," he explained. Informs European Pravda.

Stoltenberg said that this also increases the allies' optimism about the military capabilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

"We are all disappointed that last year's counteroffensive was not more successful. But we must remember that although the front line did not shift, Ukraine was able to attack far behind the front line and on the ground, destroying important facilities, including Russian aircraft (at airfields), and at sea, continuing to destroy the Russian fleet," he said, commenting on recent reports.

Stoltenberg added that "a few months ago, few people believed that this was possible," so Ukraine has exceeded expectations. "Now the Ukrainian grain export corridor is working even without agreements with Russia. This is a demonstration of the Armed Forces' capabilities. This happened primarily thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, although the help of our allies was also important," he explained.



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