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Ukraine's Foreign Ministry responds to Slovak PM proposing Ukraine "territorial compromise" with Russia

In response to Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico's proposal for a "territorial compromise" with Russia, Ukraine's Foreign Ministry has stressed that this is out of the question. Informs Ukrainska Pravda.

Source: comments by Oleh Nikolenko, spokesperson for Ukraine's Foreign Ministry, on the latest remarks by the Slovak prime minister

Quote: "There can be no compromise on territorial integrity. Neither for Ukraine, nor for Slovakia, nor any other country," Nikolenko stressed.

Details: The official added that Ukraine and its partners are making efforts to push the Russians out of occupied Crimea, Donbas and Luhansk so that they do not move further, including to Košice, Presov and other Slovak lands.

"Let's be honest: no security in Ukraine means no security in Slovakia or Europe as a whole. We must work together to bring Ukraine's victory closer," the Ukrainian ministry spokesman said.

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico is scheduled to meet with his Ukrainian counterpart Denys Shmyhal on Wednesday, 24 January. Ahead of the meeting, Fico made some controversial remarks.

The Slovak prime minister noted that he intends to announce at the meeting with his Ukrainian counterpart Denys Shmyhal that he will block Ukraine's accession to NATO in every possible way.

Fico said Ukraine was a state under "absolute US influence" and hinted that it would have to give up part of its territory to Russia.

"There has to be some kind of compromise, which will be very painful for both sides. What do they expect? The Russians to leave Crimea, Donbas and Luhansk? That’s not realistic," Fico said.



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