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UK intelligence explains future influence on army of new recruits to Russian General Staff academy


UK Defence Intelligence has analysed the new recruitment of officers to the Russian General Staff Academy and its impact on the Russian army in the future.

Source: UK Ministry of Defence Intelligence review on Twitter (X) on 7 December. Informs Ukrainska Pravda.

Details: UK intelligence made a reference to a statement by the Russian Ministry of Defence, according to which more than 60% of the recruits have combat experience. Most of them are likely to have gained this experience in Ukraine since 2022.

UK Defence Intelligence also noted that the students of the academy usually have the rank of major to major general and are considered to have the potential for higher command.

At the same time, combat experience is now more common among Russian mid-level officers.

Quote: "Over the coming years, this generation is likely to exert major influence over the future direction of Russia’s military and whether it implements lessons learned from the war in Ukraine."


  • The day before, UK intelligence reported that Russia was trying to upgrade Iranian-made Shahed attack drones, which are used to attack targets in Ukraine.

  • Before that, UK intelligence reported on the fighting for Marinka in Donetsk Oblast.



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