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UK intelligence describes fate of Wagner Group remnants

UK intelligence has analysed data on the fate of the remnants of the Wagner Group private military company, which fought in Ukraine and attempted to commit a coup in Russia last summer.

Source: UK Defence Intelligence on 1 February, reported by European Pravda

Details: UK Defence Intelligence stated that three Wagner assault units were included in the new volunteer formation of the Russian Guard (Rosgvardia).

They also pointed out that Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law allowing the Rosgvardia to form its own volunteer units on 25 December 2023.

The UK intelligence suggested that these new volunteer units would be deployed in Ukraine and Africa.

The Rosgvardia reportedly offered their volunteers six-month contracts for service in Ukraine and nine-month contracts for service in Africa.

Quote: "The incorporation of former Wagner assault detachments into Rosgvardia’s Volunteer Corps highly likely indicates that Wagner has been successfully subordinated to Rosgvardia, increasing the Russian state’s command and control over the Wagner Group."


  • In a previous review, UK intelligence pointed out that Russia no longer offered short-term contracts for military service to prisoners.

  • Prior to that, they analysed new incidents when Russian aircraft bombs fell on populated areas in the Russian Federation.



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