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UK intelligence confirms Russia starts recruiting women to private military companies


A Russian state-backed private military company (PMC) is for the first time deliberately trying to recruit women for combat missions in Ukraine.

Source: UK Ministry of Defence Intelligence review on Twitter (X) on 30 October, as reported by European Pravda

Details: UK Defence Intelligence stated that ads have recently appeared on social media calling for women to join the Borz battalion, part of the Russian Redut PMC, and Russian media reported earlier they were being recruited to work as snipers and drone operators.

"Redut is likely directly sponsored by the Russian Main Directorate of Intelligence," UK analysts said.

In March 2023, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said that 1,100 women were fighting in Ukraine, which is only about 0.3% of the Russian Armed Forces.

It is unclear whether the official Russian military will try to follow the example of the PMCs and give women more combat roles.

Today, Russian women rarely participate in combat on the frontline in Ukraine, but the Soviet army had a strong tradition of female snipers and other female units participating in combat during World War II.



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