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The first independent evidence of the explosion of the Kakhovskaya electric power station appeared

Scientists from Norway have recorded seismic signals that confirm the explosion that occurred near the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station on the night of its destruction. Informs Freedom Matrix.

It is reported by NPR.

"Seismic stations in Ukraine and Romania recorded an explosion on the Kakhovka dam the morning it collapsed," the newspaper writes.

The analysis was carried out by NORSAR, a Norwegian group that monitors seismic networks throughout Europe.. The magnitude of the event ranged from 1 to 2 points.

"According to them, the explosion occurred on June 6 at 02:54 local time in Ukraine.. This discovery is the first independent evidence that a dam holding back a reservoir roughly the size of Utah's Great Salt Lake blew, rather than "failed" due to overexertion and mismanagement.

According to journalists, in recent weeks the dam has experienced a significant load.

"Spring rains filled the Kakhovka Reservoir completely, and water overflowed through the upper part of the dam, which did not have enough open locks to control the flow. Russia, which controls the dam, has opened only a few of the 28 gates since November last year.

Stress and previous damage to the dam has led to speculation that it may have "fallen" on its own.. But according to NORSAR, which tracks underground nuclear tests and other seismic events, there was an explosion around the time the dam is believed to have collapsed.

"We're seeing a focused pulse of energy, which is typical of an explosion," Walker Oye, a NORSAR seismologist who analyzed the data, told NPR.

At the same time, seismologists cannot determine the location of the explosion closer than within 20-30 kilometers from the dam. But Oye says explosions are rare in this particular part of Ukraine, so an explosion caused by something else would be an unusual coincidence.

Earlier, the Security Service stated that it had received confirmation that the dam of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station had been blown up by a sabotage group of invaders.. This is evidenced by the interception of a telephone conversation received by the SBU . He also describes the consequences of the explosion of the hydroelectric power station, which are trying to hide in the ry, including rising water levels, flooding of territories and destruction.



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