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The aggressor deployed elite special forces to the Belgorod region to fight the partisans

The Russian military deployed a special detachment of elite special forces to the border settlements of the Belgorod region in order to counter the partisan movement. Informs Freedom Matrix.

According to information provided by the National Resistance Center on Friday, June 2, a detachment of the 322nd center of the Russian Special Operations Forces (SOF) codenamed "Senezh" was sent to the Belgorod region.

It seems that the Russian authorities are seriously worried about the possible activity of the partisans and, therefore, quickly stopped the current operations of this elite unit, ordering it to be deployed in the border settlements of the Belgorod region.

It is noted that the main task of this detachment is to conduct reconnaissance and sabotage activities on the Russian-border.

Despite this, the Center for National Resistance emphasizes that no enemy actions can stop the resistance movement. Нагадаємо: "Це була успішна операція": чого досягли бійці своїм походом на Бєлгородщину.



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