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Tax authority plans to inspect 1,275 businesses by end of 2023 – Opendatabot

By the close of the current year, the State Tax Service plans to carry out inspections on nearly 1,300 businesses, specifically 1,019 companies and 256 individuals, as reported by Opendatabot. Informs Mind.

The State Tax Service intends to conduct documentary checks in the following categories:

  • 896 companies specialising in excisable goods such as alcohol, tobacco products, fuel, etc. This list includes OKKO, Socar, Carlsberg Ukraine, Ukrtransnafta, and others.

  • 94 financial companies, 15 of which are banks, including Ukrgasbank, First Investment Bank, European Industrial Bank, and others.

  • 19 insurance companies and their divisions, notably VUSO and TAS.

  • 60 other financial institutions.

  • 256 individuals.

Additionally, tax officials will assess 29 companies for the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of personal income tax and unified social insurance contributions. Among these are 17 gaming companies, including Favbet.



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