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Russia will not be able to easily create two new combined arms armies - British intelligence

UK intelligence has reported that Russia’s plans to create two new armies this year will face problems. Despite the fact that there will be enough people, there will be a shortage of equipment and outdated infrastructure. The ministry announced this on its page on the social network X, Censor.NET reports.

Earlier, Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu announced that it is planned to create two new armies. They will reportedly consist of 14 divisions and 16 brigades. The exact type, location and composition of these units were not specified, although it is likely to be a combination of mechanised, armoured, artillery and logistics units.

"It is possible that these new formations are related to previous announcements of new units and the planned increase in the number of brigades in the divisions," the report said.

British intelligence says that such new units may be sufficiently manned given the current mobilisation in Russia, but there are technical issues.

"However, given the limited training in Russia, the widespread use of outdated equipment, and infrastructure problems, it is likely that these units will face similar resource problems," the UK intelligence service said.



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