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Russia seeks to ensure long-term supply of Iranian "Shaheds" in large volumes - British intelligence

Russia has likely moved from receiving small shipments of Iranian attack drones by air to larger shipments by ship from Iran via the Caspian Sea. Informs Freedom Matrix.

This was reported by the British Ministry of Defense with reference to British intelligence data.

In addition, the Russian Federation is also working to start domestic production of strike drones - almost certainly with the help of Iran.

“In recent months, Russia has likely been working to ensure long-term deliveries of strike drones in large volumes.. By supplying these weapons, Iran continues to violate UN Security Council Resolution 2231,” British intelligence officials said.

According to British intelligence, the "international North-South transit corridor" through the Caspian Sea has become much more important after the full-scale Russian invasion. It allows Russia to gain access to Asian markets - including for arms transfers - in a way that it hopes is less vulnerable to international sanctions, British intelligence officials say.

“Russia is also working to start domestic production of attack UAVs – almost certainly with the help of Iran. Russia is highly likely to invest in strike drones because they provide Russia with a relatively cheap long-range strike capability at a time when it has used up much of its stockpile of cruise missiles in Ukraine.


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