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russia may conduct provocations under a foreign flag in the Black Sea – Humeniuk

Фото: Getty Images

russia may carry out a provocation under a foreign flag in the Black Sea. The provocation could be either an attack on a vessel or an attack from the deck of the vessel itself. This was reported by Natalia Humeniuk, Head of the Joint Press Centre of the Operational Command South, during the national TV marathon. Informs Mind.

"Most likely, we are talking about them launching any vessel disguised under another flag, not a russian one. In other words, an imitation of a foreign vessel from which an attack might occur. So, shifting the blame onto Ukraine is a classic practice of the occupiers," she said.

Humeniuk points out that a lot of foreign vessels are sailing in the temporarily occupied territories of the Black Sea. According to her, the occupiers may resort to provocations under the guise of simulating underwater or surface drones or armed missile attacks to "provoke an unusual situation and blame Ukraine for it."



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