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Russia attacks hospital in Beryslav in Kherson Oblast, injures 2

A hospital in Beryslav, Kherson Oblast, damaged in a Russian strike on Oct. 5, 2023. (Source: Governor Oleksandr Prokudin)

A Russian strike against Beryslav in Kherson Oblast damaged a hospital and injured two medical workers, Governor Oleksandr Prokudin reported on Oct. 5. Informs The Kyiv Independent.

The victims were an ambulance driver, who suffered a leg fracture, and a paramedic, who suffered a concussion, the official said.

Prokudin said that the hospital building sustained a "direct hit," after which the fourth floor was completely destroyed, and another floor was partially damaged.

Several ambulances were also damaged in the attack, he added.

Less than an hour before reporting on the hospital strike, Prokudin said that Beryslav, a town at the Dnipro River's right bank roughly 70 kilometers east of Kherson, had been targeted by five Russian air strikes.

Partially occupied Kherson Oblast suffers regular Russian attacks as the invading troops continue to hold the left-bank side of the Dnipro River in the region. The regional center Kherson was targeted earlier today in an artillery strike, resulting in two dead civilians and one injured.



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