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putin names the conditions under which russia will return to the grain deal

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Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has listed the conditions under which Russia can return to the grain deal. Among these conditions, Putin mentioned the lifting of sanctions on the supply of Russian grain and fertilizers to world markets, as well as the removal of obstacles for Russian banks and financial institutions that service food and fertilizer supplies. Informs Mind.

"In particular, we are talking about their immediate connection to the SWIFT international banking settlement system," putin said.

At the same time, Moscow did not agree to the proposal to connect to SWIFT not the entire basic bank for grain exports, Rosselkhozbank, but a specially created subsidiary.

The other issues are the resumption of supplies to russia of spare parts and components for agricultural machinery and fertilizer production, resolving issues with ship chartering and insurance of Russian food exports, ensuring the logistics of food supplies and "unhindered conditions for expanding supplies of Russian fertilizers and raw materials for their production."

In particular, the Togliatti-Odesa ammonia pipeline should be restored and russian assets related to the agricultural sector should be unblocked, putin reminded.

"Finally, russia's basic condition for returning to the agreement is the restoration of its original humanitarian essence," he concluded. – "As soon as they (conditions – ed.) are fulfilled, we will immediately return to this agreement," he said.



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