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Power engineers have repaired approximately 11,000 km of 0.4-20 kV power lines

Фото: Pixabay

According to the system distribution operator, since the start of the year, about 11,000 km of 0.4-20 kV overhead power transmission lines have been repaired, as well as over 3,500 km of 35-150 kV lines. This was reported by the State Energy Inspection. Informs Mind.

In addition, a series of substations, transformer substations, and electrical equipment have been repaired. The inspection authority adds that over 21,300 km of power line routes of all voltage classes have been cleared.

The State Energy Supervision notes that the execution of planned repair works will enhance the reliability and safety of electricity supply during the cold season, and will also reduce the number of technological disruptions in the power grids.



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