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OVO: Russian troops use cluster munitions for the first time in Kupyansk direction - RMA

The day before, Kupyansk, Kharkiv region, was hit by a cluster munition for the first time. This was reported on Monday by the head of the RMA, Oleh Syniehubov, UNN reports

For the first time, a strike by a guided  bomb carrying a  cluster munition, i.e. a warhead, was recorded. This increases the impact area and more civilians may be affected. The enemy attacked the city of Kupyansk with such a guided bomb yesterday

- Syniehubov howled.

According to the head of the Regional Military Administration, this is why the issue of forced evacuation of families with children is being raised at the Regional Defense Council.  According to Sinegubov, 1,500 people are to be evacuated from the Kupyansk direction. 



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