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Over 80% of electronics in russian missiles from the USA – media

The US share of the foreign electronic component base in russian missiles stands at 81%. Following the USA is Switzerland with a portion of 8%. Germany and Japan each have 3.5%.

This is stated in the report of the Yermak-McFaul sanctions group, informs Mind with reference to

The group notes that the composition of the Kh-101 cruise missiles contains at least 53 types of ECB (electronic component base) manufactured by foreign companies, and Kalibr uses at least 45 types of ECB. It is reported that in the russian Tornado-S missile, a chip produced by the American company Intel was found.

In addition, the group adds, ballistic missiles 9M723 and cruise missiles 9M728/9M729 of the Iskander complex are equipped with more than 15 and 32 types of foreign ECB respectively. And in the composition of the aeroballistic missiles Kh-47M2 Kinzhal, more than 48 foreign components are used.



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