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One of Key Requirements of Hauliers Blocking Ukrainian-Polish Border Deemed Legally Impossible

One of the key demands of Polish hauliers blocking the border with Ukraine is not legally possible. Informs European Pravda.

According to Adalbert Jahnz, the European Commission spokesperson, the key demand of Polish hauliers is to bring back the system of issuing permits for Ukrainian carriers to work in the EU.

"Any restoration of the permit or quota system for automotive transport is not legally feasible, as it would be incompatible with an Agreement on the Carriage of Freight by Road between Ukraine and the EU. The Agreement on the Carriage of Freight by Road was, of course, negotiated with the consent of the member countries," the spokesperson said.

"If there are any questions regarding the implementation of this agreement... primarily, it depends on the national authorities of the member states and Ukraine to ensure compliance with the treaty's provisions in practice," he added.

The spokesperson noted that the European Commission can assist in discussions regarding issues arising with the agreement's implementation.

He also refrained from commenting on reports from the Polish media suggesting that if the Polish authorities do not resolve the issue of blocking border crossings with Ukraine, the European Commission may initiate an infringement procedure against Poland.

Dozens of Polish truck drivers began blocking three border crossings with Ukraine on 6 November.

They are demanding, among other things, that commercial permits be introduced for Ukrainian companies to transport goods, with the exception of humanitarian aid and supplies for the Ukrainian military, that licences for companies founded after the start of the war in Ukraine be suspended, and that inspections be conducted.



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