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Night attack of drones: fires in Nikolaev, Khmelnitsky and Kyiv regions

On the night of May 13, Russia attacked Ukraine with drones. As a result of the attack, explosions were heard in some cities. There is destruction and casualties. Informs Freedom Matrix.

It is indicated that no damage or injuries were recorded in the capital. But the data is still being updated and specified. But in the Kiev region, as a result of the fall of a drone, a residential building was damaged. According to the speaker of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine Oleksandr Khorunzhy, a fire broke out at the scene. There are no data on casualties.

As a result of the Russian attack in the Khmelnytsky region, at least five local residents were injured. This was stated on the air of the telethon by the deputy head of the Khmelnytsky OVA Sergey Tyurin.

"There is information about five victims who are receiving assistance ... This is a glass wound, cuts," Tyurin said.

In turn, the mayor of Khmelnytsky Alexander Simchishin said that there were no "arrivals" in the regional center. But the enemy strike fell on an object on the territory of one of the communities of the Khmelnytsky region. There is a fire going on.

At the same time, as a result of blast waves in Khmelnitsky, educational institutions, medical institutions, office buildings, industrial facilities, multi-storey and individual residential buildings were damaged.. Now all services are working to eliminate the consequences.

"There are no problems with utilities in the city," Simchishin said.

Also, because of the “arrival” at the infrastructure facility in the Khmelnytsky region, the movement of trains is delayed.

That night, hits were recorded in Nikolaev , a fire broke out at one of the enterprises, and a residential five-story building was also damaged.

"Fire at the enterprise - rescuers work. Nearby houses were damaged. In one of the five-story buildings, almost all the windows were shattered, fires in three apartments. As for the victims - we find out. Medics are working on the spot," said the mayor of the city Alexander Senkevich.

According to him, there are also damages in the educational institution.

Later, Sienkiewicz reported three casualties. One was taken by an ambulance, two were treated on the spot.



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