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New text for mobilization draft law ready for government submission, Ukraine's MoD says

The Ministry of Defense has already prepared a new version of the mobilization bill. In the near future, the updated document will be submitted for approval to the Cabinet of Ministers, reports Defense Minister Rustem Umerov. Informs RBC-Ukraine.

"Our team has already prepared a new version of the draft law, taking into account all the proposals agreed in the working order with the members of parliament at the meetings of the committee on national security, defence and intelligence. We are ready to submit it for the Government's approval in the near future. The previous version of the bill was withdrawn," the minister announced on his Facebook page.

According to Umerov, the updated draft law aims to establish a clear term of service during mobilization.

"Soldiers must have the opportunity to rest. That's fair. Warriors who were released from captivity must be given a choice as to whether to remain in the army. Those who choose to stay will need at least a few months of leave. That's fair," he added.

Mobilization draft law

In late December, the Cabinet submitted a draft law on mobilization to the Ukrainian Parliament. The government proposed, among other things, lowering the age limit from 27 to 25 years, reducing the list of categories exempt from mobilization, and sending summons to military registration and enlistment offices electronically.

However, the draft law faced criticism from the opposition, and ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets stated that some provisions of the document contradict the Constitution. As a result, the parliamentary defense committee decided to discuss changes to the draft law together with the military leadership.

After discussions, lawmakers decided to return the draft law to the Cabinet for further revision based on the proposals voiced during the committee meetings. Today, the Cabinet withdrew the document.



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