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Morning attack on Kyiv: power supply problems in the region, high-rise buildings damaged in Vyshneve

The fall of rocket fragments in the town of Vyshneve damaged 5 apartment buildings, in some settlements private houses were damaged. This was reported by the head of the Kyiv Regional State Administration Ruslan Kravchenko, UNN reports.


He clarified that people were evacuated to the nearest warming centers, where SES psychologists are working with them. A mobile warming center is also being deployed.

In addition, private houses were damaged in some settlements, more than 60 cars. The falling debris also caused a fire in an unfinished church, and several businesses and warehouses were damaged. In addition, one of the regional medical institutions was damaged. Patients are being transferred to to another regional medical facility.

Ruslan Kravchenko also clarified that in some settlements of Brovary, Buchansky, Fastivsky and Vyshgorodsky districts of the region problems with power supply. For those who need to charge their phones or other devices, there are points of indestructibility. At the same time, critical infrastructure facilities are gradually switching to alternative power supply are gradually switching to an alternative power supply - generators.

All operational services are working on the ground. People will be provided with all necessary assistance. International funds are already involved. The GEM Foundation will replace windows in damaged houses will be replaced by the GEM Foundation

- Ruslan Kravchenko clarified.



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