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Macron announced the transfer of long-range SCALP missiles to Ukraine

As part of a new military aid package, Ukraine will receive long-range cruise missiles from France, President Emmanuel Macron said in an interview with TF1. Informs Freedom Matrix. According to him, these missiles will make it possible to effectively counterattack the Russians. Most likely, we are talking about SCALP missiles. These are the same Storm Shadow missiles that Britain has already handed over to us. Kyiv will also receive dozens of armored vehicles, including AMX-10RCs combat vehicles.

Macron stressed that France's strategy is to "help Ukraine hold out in order to bring everyone back to the negotiating table." In addition, according to him, Paris is negotiating with a number of countries on "pilot training". Macron also spoke about the supply of aircraft to Ukraine.

"We are not waging a war against Russia, we are helping Ukraine to resist the Russian aggressor. We do not supply weapons that would allow us to reach Russian soil. Sometimes you have to set limits. We must not weaken France's ability to defend itself," Macron said of the transfer of fighter jets to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

In the French Navy, SCALP cruise missiles are primarily equipped with Rafale, Mirage 2000, Eurofighter fighter-bombers and, in the future, multi-purpose nuclear submarines of a new generation. The most important difference between the SCALP missile and the prototype lies in the composition of the guidance system and the range of the SD used - for SCALP it is 250 km and in the future it should be increased to 400 km against 150 km for Apach.

The design of the SCALP missile uses a number of measures aimed at reducing its radar visibility of the missile before. The decrease in the probability of detecting a missile in flight is also facilitated by the fact that the entire marching section of the trajectory passes at an altitude of 100-150 m, and before attacking the designated object it drops even lower - up to 50 m.



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