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Italy to announce new aid package for Ukraine, which will include SAMP/T before G7 summit - media

Italy plans to announce a new military aid package for Ukraine before the G7 summit on June 13. This was reported by the Italian edition La Repubblica, UNN reported. 


The Italian government, headed by Georgia Meloni, decides to approve the ninth military aid package for Ukraine, including the SAMP/T air defense system.

It is planned to be announced before the G7 summit on June 13. 

As noted, this was the decision of the Italian government "in the difficult hours of the Russian offensive on Chasiv Yar.

There are five SAMP/T systems in Italy, and Rome intends to transfer to Ukraine the system it temporarily lent to Slovakia. 

Two more will be used to protect Italy during the G7 summit, and one will remain as a reserve for national defense. The fourth system is currently in Kuwait and will remain there.

Italy, along with the United Kingdom and France, provided Ukraine with cruise missiles Storm Shadow

France plans to provide Ukraine with Aster 30 long-range missiles for land and ship-based air defense systems SAMP-T as part of a military aid package.



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