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Intelligence Chief: Drone strike on Pskov launched from inside Russia

The aftermath of an alleged drone attack on Pskov International Airport on Aug. 30, 2023. (Photo via Mykhailo Fedorov / Telegram)

The drones that attacked a military airfield in Pskov on Aug. 30 were launched from within Russian territory, Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR) chief Kyrylo Budanov told the media outlet The War Zone on Aug. 31. Informs The Kyiv independend.

"We are working from the territory of Russia," Budanov said, without specifying how many drones were used.

Budanov did not reveal whether HUR operatives are working inside Russia or using the help of Russians who stand against their country's invasion of Ukraine.

The War Zone also obtained video material from the infrared camera of one of the drones used in the attack from a HUR source.

The accuracy of the strike points to the likelihood of "bomblets dropped from a drone or drones under local man-in-the-loop control," meaning a pilot was operating the weapon remotely.

"This would fit Budanov's comments that this was a strike launched from inside Russia, likely very near the base, and not one using long-range autonomous drones," the War Zone article added.

Four Russian Il-76 aircraft were destroyed at the airfield, and two more were likely to be damaged, HUR spokesperson Andrii Yusov confirmed on Aug. 30.

Russian media outlet Meduza reported that the 334th military transport regiment, armed with Il-76 transport aircraft, is deployed at Pskov Airport.

The attack on Pskov was part of what Russian media reported as a massive wave of drone attacks on Russian territory and Russian-occupied Crimea overnight on Aug. 30.

The Russian authorities claimed drones were shot down over Bryansk, Oryol, Kaluga, Ryazan, and Moscow oblasts.



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