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In the Russian Federation, the mention of Kyiv was removed from the textbooks of "history"

From the next academic year, Russian children will learn history from books published by the Prosveshchenie publishing house. In the new textbooks, in paragraphs about Kievan Rus, any mention of Kyiv was removed. Informs Freedom Matrix.

The journalists of the Mediazona publication compared the edited textbook "The World Around" for the fourth grade with the 2021 version.

A few changes: ▪️ Speaking about the chronicle of "The Tale of Bygone Years" and its author Nestor, the Russians do not mention that he is a monk of the Kiev-Pechersk Monastery. In the new edition, he is just a monk without any clarifications.

▪️ Instead of the fact that Vladimir baptized all the people in Kyiv, the textbook says - "in the capital".

▪️ Previously, Russian children were taught that "After the death of Oleg, Prince Igor began to rule in Kyiv", and now "After the death of Oleg, Rus began to rule

Prince Igor".

▪️ In the textbook for the 6th grade, the Russians changed the date, which they call the foundation of Kievan Rus.



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