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He extorted money for a “correct” investigation: the SBU detained a prosecutor in Kharkiv

As a result of the work of the SBU, together with the Office of the Prosecutor General and the State Bureau of Investigation, the prosecutor of one of the Kharkiv district prosecutor's offices was exposed. Informs Freedom Matrix.

The prosecutor set up a scheme for taking bribes to intensify the investigation of criminal offenses. SBU employees documented that the official demanded 35 thousand dollars. from the victim in the case of fraudulent activities with commercial real estate. For this amount, the prosecutor promised the man to give a "push" to the investigation of the relevant proceedings, as well as to arrest on the property and conduct a number of examinations.

The official involved his acquaintance in illegal activities as an intermediary for the transfer of illegal benefits.

Employees of the SBU and the State Bureau of Investigation detained a prosecutor and an intermediary in Kharkiv “red-handed” while transferring the entire amount of a bribe. Currently, they have been informed of the suspicion under Part 4 of Art. 368 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (acceptance of an offer, promise or receipt of an unlawful benefit by an official). The issue of choosing a measure of restraint is being decided. Currently, investigative actions are ongoing to establish all the circumstances of the crime and bring the perpetrators to justice.



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