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FBI helps Ukraine collect data on Russian war crimes

Фото DR

This includes digital information such as call interception, geolocation, and DNA analysis. The US FBI and other US companies are helping Ukraine collect evidence of war crimes. This was reported by Mind , citing Reuters.

It is mainly about digital information, such as call interception, geolocation, information from mobile phones and their owners.

It is noted that the FBI does not hide the fact that it is helping the Ukrainian side.

"Gathering information, analyzing it and then applying it is something the FBI has a lot of experience in," FBI Special Agent in Charge Alex Kobzanets told Reuters.

In addition, DNA samples from killed civilians and fallen soldiers are being analyzed.

All this is evidence of close cooperation between the US and Ukraine in the field of cybersecurity, in which both countries consider Russia a threat, the agency notes.

The FBI says that a number of American specialized companies are also involved in collecting and analyzing data, and the chances that the maximum number of war crimes and their perpetrators will be identified are very high.



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