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European Parliament President suggests observer status for MPs from Ukraine and Moldova

Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament, has suggested that members of the Ukrainian and Moldovan parliaments be represented in the European Parliament as observers even before the accession of these countries to the EU.

Source: Politico, as reported by European Pravda

Metsola believes that Ukrainian and Moldovan members of parliament could join the European Parliament as observers even before the official accession of their countries to the EU.

She said that Europe should "fling its doors wide open" to those countries that are on course for membership, which in practice could look like advantages in the EU single market, involvement in the Erasmus student exchange programme, etc.

"We can even go further, having observer members in this Parliament – these are things that matter to a population," Metsola said.

She said that she will talk about this with political groups in the European Parliament and is thinking about a similar proposal for the six Balkan states that are waiting to join the EU.

The proposed observer status means that such MEPs would not participate in any votes and would be appointed rather than elected, but would be part of the parliament.

The current rules of the European Parliament foresee that countries receive representation only after officially acquiring EU membership.

Davyd Arakhamia, head of the Sluha Narodu (Servant of the People) party faction, has already commented on the proposal, saying that he "appreciates" such an idea and that at least 30 Ukrainian members of parliament would be interested in it.

"We have to learn, we have to see how decisions are being made, we have to talk to the colleagues, feel the vibe and atmosphere and understand better," Arakhamia said.



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