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European Parliament: Hungary 'not suitable' for EU presidency

Hungary's multiple violations of EU law make it 'unsuitable' for a rotating EU presidency in 2024. A resolution of this content is planned to be adopted by MEPs next week. Informs Freedom Matrix.

It is reported by Euractiv.

The draft resolution was supported by the main parties of the European Parliament. Hungary is due to lead the EU Council from July 2024, less than a month after the next European elections. The resolution calls on EU governments to "find an appropriate solution as soon as possible" and reminds that the European Parliament can take appropriate action if such a solution is not found. In response, Hungarian government speaker Zoltan Kovacs accused MEPs of "not liking Hungary's peacekeeping position and trying to drag us into the conflict." Kovacs was referring to the Hungarian position on Russia's invasion of Ukraine, according to which Budapest often slowed down sanctions against the Russian Federation and opposed military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.



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