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Dutch diplomat resigned over pro-Russian statements

Less than a month after his appointment, the Dutch government's special representative for Ukraine, Ron van Dartel, resigned over pro-Russian remarks. Informs Freedom Matrix.

According to NOS, van Dartel made statements about Ukraine and Russia that many people did not like.

The publication notes that in Gerard Dilessen's book "If you lower the bar, you will not jump higher," van Dartel, in particular, said that "Ukrainians are also Russian. We must not forget about it. This is the reality.". He also believes that "Russian President Vladimir Putin's support is greater than people think."

Van Dartel was appointed Special Representative for Ukraine at the end of March to build links between business and various institutions for the reconstruction and restoration of Ukraine. The Dutch government clarified that van Dartel made a comment to the author of the book before he was appointed to this post.

Previously, Ron Van Dartel was Ambassador to Russia, Serbia, Poland, and also represented the Netherlands in the OSCE.



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