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During the counter-offensive,the Armed Forces of Ukraine must bypass the ZNPP-the head of Energoatom

During the counter-offensive, the Armed Forces of Ukraine must bypass the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, and absolutely all the military understand this. Informs Freedom Matrix. This was stated in an interview with CNN by the head of Energoatom Petr Kotin.

"They are obliged to preserve the integrity of the nuclear power plant, even if it is occupied by the Russians. All our military understand this," Kotin said.

According to the head of Energoatom, Ukraine can return the ZNPP without the use of force, simply by cutting off the supply lines to the facility.

"You just need to interrupt the communication between the Zaporizhzhya NPP and Crimea. What needs to be done is just to free Melitopol. Then the Russian army will be surrounded by the Defense Forces, and the only road to the exit to the Crimea will be captured by us. This means that they will have only two options: either to surrender, or simply leave from there," Petr Kotin said.

According to him, the Russians have "evacuated" people from the city of Energodar over the past ten days. He added that they can evacuate part of the ZNPP personnel. And he noted that for the stable operation of the nuclear power plant, at least five shifts of personnel are needed.



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